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About solar flares, and faraday shields

Last response: in Toms Network
September 9, 2012 8:53:44 PM

hello, I wonder if you have figured it out if a solar flare impacts the planet and the devastating damage on electronic devices it could does.

I have read something about this, I think you should give a reading on this:

the point is, with a faraday cage or faraday shield, we can protect our computers, Im thinking to build one with my case box to cover it with aluminium foil (is a cheap solution if you ask me) just to be ready when this happens.

what do you think?

sorry for my bad english
September 11, 2012 1:57:34 PM

You have a point: they can do damage to your machines. I think that the cables to your monitor, network, and keyboard will make you vulnerable. In a recent lightning storm, every Ethernet port in my house that had a cable attached to it died. I have an 8-port switch that is now a 5-port switch; the ones without cables in them at the time still work fine.

Most connected HDMI ports fried. I have a TV that works perfectly on all the sources but the HDMI. It's the only part that broke.

You can already get an all-aluminum or all-steel case, which is pretty close to a Faraday cage, except for the holes. You could, of course, line your entire workroom with copper mesh. For a more realistic approach, I suggest
1) Good-quality power protection and a UPS.
2) Frequent backups. You can store these in a small Faraday cage and be assured that, if all your equipment blows, you will be ready to restore to new equipment and keep running. Once the power is back and supply chains are re-established, that is.


Google Translate is a great resource. Write your post in your best language and let Google Translate translate it for you. We can usually follow the results, even if they are funny sometimes.
September 11, 2012 8:30:57 PM

nice ideas, I dont know why people on this forum havent more interest in this problem, in short words, if a solar flare affects the planet seriously, the "electronic life" as we know it, will die, everything, cars, computers, powerstations, tv, radio...they wont work

September 11, 2012 10:33:54 PM

You just said why. These forums are about making PC hardware and software, mostly x86 / Windows machines, work, and the fun that we have with that. Global disasters are kind of out of scope.

There's no point protecting your PC so that it would work when the power grid and the Internet are blown away. And solving, or worrying about, that very real possibility is for some other set of forums dealing with global disaster preparedness.

How _would_ you build a good enough Faraday cage? How large a hole can such a cage tolerate and still keep out the storm, and can you get all your cables through holes that size? Properly shielded cables, no less?

I think the closest thing to a global practical solution would be a giant, world-wide off switch. Detect a solar flare, shut ---- Shut up, me. This is the wrong place for global disaster discussions. Bye.

PS - Don't make an aluminum-foil covered PC. People will confuse you with the aluminum-foil-hat crowd and not take you seriously.