OCZ 1600mhz ddr3 wont run at stock speeds? Help please.

I'm having a terrible time with my memory. Below i have posted my setup. When i start the pc it automatically recognizes the memory at 1033mhz, so i manually set the timings(7-7-7-20), keep the voltage on auto (about 1.5v), and set the multiplier to ddr3 1600. For some reason i get stability issues when running them at these settings, which should be stock for the ram. I dont know what i'm doing wrong, ive even tried using the "memory level up" option to get the ram to run at 1600mhz with no luck. Windows will boot and i can use the computer but when running the memory diagnostic; errors are picked up. When i run futuremark vantage or a some game the memory will work fine for 20 mins or so then the pc will reboot. Temps are fine. Im thinking maybe the ram voltage needs to be upped to 1.65v ? Please post your ideas. Oh i am using vista's memory diagnostic tool.

Heres my setup with a Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 which is not listed :

1 x ($149.99) CASE CM|RC-932-KKN1-GP BK RT - Retail

1 x ($173.99) MEM 2Gx3|OCZ OCZ3P1600LV6GK R - Retail

1 x ($139.99) PSU CORSAIR|CMPSU-850TX 850W RT - Retail

1 x ($288.99) CPU INTEL|CORE I7 920 2.66G 45N R - Retail

1 x ($359.99) MB ASUS ROG RAMPAGE II EXTREME X58 - Retail

1 x ($54.99) HD 500G|SAMSUNG HD502HJ % - OEM

1 x ($36.99) CPU COOL SCYTHE|SCMG-2000 R - Retail

Oh, and my bios as read by cpu-z is American Megatrends Inc. Version 1406 with a date of 06/01/2009
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    When you set it manually you set it all - speed, timings and voltage, dont leave voltage on auto. All releveant values should be printed on the modules and/or packaging. On OCZ website it says 7-7-7-24 @ 1.65v not 7-7-7-20 @ "about 1.5v"
  2. Thank you, i was thinking that it was 7-7-7-24 not 20..but i did think 1.65v was the absolute max?
  3. 1.65v is the absolute max for i5/i7(according to intel), but its only when you go ABOVE that value is when you should worry. Go ahead, put in on 1.65
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