"USB Hub Power Exceeded" upon connecting my ext HDD to any computer

I had a power surge while my external hard drive was plugged in, and upon restarting my desktop I recieved a "USB Hub Power Exceeded" error. I decided it might just be the computer, tried it on both of my laptops. Still not working. I was feeling depressed since hundreds of GB of music I've produced with other artists, and of my own work were gone, as well as movies, TV shows etc. that i had downloaded. I thought a while, and thought I'd try connecting it to my brother's Xbox 360, and voila, it connected perfectly. Too bad the Xbox is useless in accessing the files i need. So, I was reading online and read that I should get an AC powered USB hub, went out and bought 2 of them, neither worked blah blah blah. But since the HDD worked on my brother's Xbox, i know for a fact the files are still there, and the HDD is not completely broken. All I need is to find a way to access them and perhaps transfer them to another HDD. Suggestions?
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    If i were you, i'd pull the hard drive out of it's external enclosure (since all external hard drives are basically an internal hard drive, stuck in an external case with a small adapter board to adapt the hard drive's interface (probably SATA) to USB. I've seen tons of those external enclosures crap out, and the drive inside them is perfectly fine.
  2. The damage may be to your USB port. Do you have another device that you can plug into it to test?
  3. He said he plugged it into another computer and got the same error there too. I'm going to venture a guess it's the external hard drive that has the problem.
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