Problems with an old .PQI disk image.


I've recently done a disk drive image for a hdd that needed a low lvl format to repair a few bad sectors. Now the problem is that the Symantec image center when it saved my images (to an external HDD drive with 90 Gb free on it and the source drive was 32 GB) it saved img1.pqi, then img1.003 was the next file and all the way to img1.011. The problem is i can't browse the image files cuz PQIBrowser reports that img1.002 is missing. Is there any way to still view the data that i have ? There were importatnt documents in there... Plz help.
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  1. if you plug that drive into another computer can you find the img1.002? If you cant unplug that hard drive, download and install some file recovery software, plug in the drive and use the tools to do a scan on the drive to find missing files, this may take a few hours. If you can find the file save it onto the PC first, then move it to the external hard drive. For file recovery I use Active @ Undelete which is a paid for program but there should be some free ones out there.
  2. If you can't recover the image part (in your case, .002), you can't restore the image. Try what snipergod recommended. But there's no promises that it will work. And if it doesn't, your image is worthless.
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