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I am not sure whether this question is placed in the right category but the title says it all.

Yeah, I'm getting a new PC beause my last one literally exploded; went bang when I turned on its power system and now after that bang, it wouldn't turn on. Tbh, I ain't really good with PCs as I only know to play games, edit vids and upload stuff but I'm wondering what PC specs should I get with the PC. I'm looking for a PC that will last (5 yrs) and my price range is about like $1-3 grands. :whistle:

I am currently considering one with these Specs:

Motherboard: don't know...I just saw this on yahoo and following r upgrades u can get with it
CPU: Intel Core i7 950 (3.06G)
Ram: Paul 24 GB DDR3 1333 (4GB *6)
HHD: 2 TB (1TB*2) or 3 TB (1.5 TB *2)
Power Supply: 750 W
SSD (What is this?): 150 GB

I don't give about the mouse cause already got 1 and the keyboard.

Just wondering if this is a bang for buck and do you think it will short circuit?. :sol:

Price: around 2 grand
Link: I have but it's in asian...ask for it if you want.

Yeah the last Desktop I used last me like 6-7 years and intially cost me about $1.6 grand. I was on for around 10-15 hours every day for a week on my last computer and that's probably why it exploded (school's assignments: last minute works).

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