Need help finding the right graphics card to upgrade!


Firstly I'd like to say I'm based in the UK so I probably buy it off ebay as the prices are cheaper there then most online stores anyway. So here's my problem;

I have an really old desktop here and not a lot of money. The desktop is a Dimension 2400 Dell PC, these are the basic specs:

The only difference is the ram is 256 ram which I will upgrade to 4 gig soon.

The only thing I have changed to the computer are that I've changed bother the Drives and upgraded them to DL burner and DVD reader.

The processor is a Intel Pentium 4 CPU with 2.4GHz and the graphics card is some random crap one called Intel 82845G Graphics Controller and I'm running on Windows XP 2002 Professional Service Pack 3.

I've been running on this computer for quite some time and I can't even play games such as half life 2 or counter strike in low specs and I get computer freezes watching HD videos online and off.

Anyway I've been researching quite a bit on graphics card and that, I'm a bit poor at the moment so I can't get the best graphics card out on the market today I just need a good graphics card that will play the latest games such as crysis at the average specs, I don't need full blown highest specs as my monitor is only about 16 inch lcd and quite old so I probablly won't notice the difference. Money is quite a big factor here on deciding what graphics card I will get so any advice is helpful. Also do I need to upgrade my processor at all or is that fine. Lastly when I look at some prices for RAM for some reason the lower speed rams are higher priced then the slower ones even though there all 4gb, for example:

Anyway to sum up, I would appreciate advice on what graphics card I should get, if I need to upgrade my processor or anything else (I don't care about the sound if it's in hd/surround etc) and the question about the ram and if you could point me to which ram I should buy out of those in the link I posted.

Thank You,

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  1. What is your final budget? With low- to mid-range video cards, Playing Crysis at "average" settings is nigh impossible unfortunately. :(
  2. hmm well I suppose 100 pounds my overall budget for the upgrade. What can I work with!?
  3. 4 gig of DDR RAM is going to cost more than the PC is worth.
  4. 20 pounds i suppose for the 4 gig ddr ram i suppose isn't that much. but like I said what do I need for the graphics card, etc :/ help would really be appreciated
  5. Have you opened the thing up to see what type of slots are available?
  6. idk about 20 pounds for DDR memory, maybe DDR2, the lowest i found was about 140USD (86 pounds) on ebay for 4GB(4x1GB) of DDR 400 memory
  7. i whats the dif between DDR and DDR2? isn't DDR2 better?
    Anyways can I get a lil more feedback on the graphics card thats right for me!?
  8. What's the interface?
  9. DDR2 is much better. DDR1 is more expensive because nobody makes it anymore.
  10. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, if im reading correctly from your link of a Dell Dimension 2400.
    1) The max memory you can add is 2gigs of ddr sdram which is more expensive than the newer ddr2 or ddr3.
    2.) The video is an integrated chip not a card unless you have added something else. The interface is pci for video which you have 3 pci slots available if, you dont have any other sound, lan or modem cards. If it can be upgraded this is a link of a pci cards you could upgrade to:
    3.) You might want to visit the Dell to see if this machine is eligible for a video upgrade. My father had a Dell Dimension that the video was unable to to be upgraded.
  11. PCI!!, eww.
  12. So I can only use DDR ? why is that,

    should i upgrade my motherboard in order for the hardware to be used!?

    I've been thinking about building a new computer, would it be cheaper like that!?
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