E8600 or q9550?

Hello there,
I'm having trouble deciding between getting an e8600 or a q9550. I'm upgrading from my e6400 and money isn't really an issue as i can get either for a reasonable price. I had a look a different benchmark charts and it shows that the q9550 out-performs the e8600 in most of them. However i've seen and heard that the e8600 can be overclocked to very high settings and can therefore out-perform the q9550 even when the q9550 is overclock itself. Anyone have any advice please?
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  1. Your right, that is a tough decision. The 8600 does seem to OC higher than the Q9550, but this quad seems to OC to 3.83 GHZ with the right cooling.

    I run the quad so my favorite sim, FSX, so I can run as good as I can get it to run.

    I also make DVDs of home videos and quads excell at that as well.

    So..., if you do a lot of video stuff and play CPU intensive games then get the quad. If not, then I think you will be very happy with the 8600.

    Good luck:)
  2. Personally I wouldn't pay over $100 for any dual core, the E8XXX series has been horribly priced ever since I7/Phenom II released and C2Q prices dropped.

    If it isn't clear, my vote is for the quad. 2 more cores will provide a lot more processing power than a few hundred extra mhz of overclocking head room. Quad will last longer before you need to upgrade again as well.
  3. Another vote for the quad. I'm incredibly happy with my Q6600 (still!) and the Q9950 would run rings around it.
  4. It depends on what you do with your PC...

    I render, encode, play COD4, L4D, Crysis, Warhead, etc... and my 99.99$ CPU (dual core) doesn't even break a sweat at 3.5GHZ....

    If you are convinced that the quad will tickle your feather then make sure you buy it after the i5 hits the stores... prices will drop on the current dual's and quad's....
  5. Q9550s are $170 at Microcenter or $210 at Newegg. E8600s are still around $200

    Q9550 will destroy the E8600 in multi-core application, and rival or be only marginally slower it in single/double core applications.

    Q9550 > E8600
  6. E8600 is priced @ 269.99$(newegg) more expensive than the i7 920 (microcenter)..

    The Q9550 is the best bang for buck ATM (as far an Intel quad goes)...
  7. i was wondering if this question is a joke, of corse get the 9550
  8. thanks for the replys everyone, i guess the q9550 would be the wiser choice.
  9. Go Quad, OC it, be happy :D.
  10. Quote:
    Microenter has the E8200 for 99 dollars. Its a really awesome chip that should do 3.5Ghz easily

    Sorry for the semi-jack but,

    Dude!!! You have a 49.99$ CPU @ 4.5Ghz!!! Awesomenessssssssss :o

    What temps do you get @ 4.5Ghz?? Do you have any 3dmark06 screenies?
  11. Very nice....

    Would be nice to see some screenshots in the near future, 4770's in xfire are amazing.....none the less on a dual core @ 4.5Ghz ..... wow..... nice 1 ..... [:jaydeejohn:5]
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