After many trials trying to use a downloaded upgrade version of Win 7 Pro, I finally have it all working:

I was suprised I got that much with no voltage tweaks. Just where I wanted it.
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  1. Nice one Prox :)
    now, watercooling and pushing for 5Ghz is on the cards right? :P
    glad it went well mate
  2. We'll see what happens once the GPU starts dumping heat into the loop. I have 8 very low RPM fans on my two rads and I'm not swapping them out for noisier ones. ;)
  3. Time will out as they say :)
    hope it goes well for you man
  4. That is nice voltage. I'm at 1.33V ( I think, not at home to check). Nice little chips either way. Oh and my temps are almost identical to yours. Some cores do break the low 60s though. Hyperthreading is on.
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