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Was hoping for some help on choosing a new card for my new pc. I want to buy a new card and was looking to pay around 100 to a max of £150 for one but it's been a while since i purchased my last one, a 7800GT.

Can somebody please advise me of the best model to get (ATI or Nvidia) and model 8 series,m 9 series, gts series etc.)

Too many out there these days to choose from.

New machine specs are a :

AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz Socket AM3 4MB L3
ASUS M4A78T-E 790GX Socket AM3 onboard VGA DVI HDMI 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard
4GB Memory

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If that converts to $209 then I would get this 4890 for $199 and free shipping (factory overclocked aswell)


    assuming you have an adequate power supply, what is it?
  2. Either a gtx260/4870.
  3. Hi,

    It is a Antec Sonata III Piano Black Quiet Mid Tower Case - With 500W EarthWatts PSU


  4. As the others have said: 1Gb HD4870 or GTX260 will fit the system and most are under the 150 pound limit.
    A few observations though:
    Check the cooler design: a great many do not exhaust out of the case resulting in a hot spot under the card which can lead to temperature issues.
    Check warranties: a year is OK but would n't you rather have a longer one for a few quid more?
    Do not pay more than a few pounds more for an overclocked card: They are only a little faster, so only pay a little more.
    Brand is unimportaint.

    A few places to look: CCL, Scan, Overclockers, Novatech, Misco, Dabs and Micrdirect.

    Here's a nice little deal:
  5. Hi,

    Thanks Guys, I'll have a hunt for the best price.

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