Problem with booting computer after physically moving it

Recently I built a new rig and have decided to pull data from my previous machine and simply have it set up as another PC for guests or whatever. The machine was running fine prior to disconnecting and moving the machine across the room, but when I powered it on, it failed to load Windows.

I'm not anywhere near that particular computer at this point, but I'll relate the sequence of events as best I can. The machine appeared to start normally, and returned the usual message about the Nvidia card and GPU ram availible, then returned the instructions for editing BIOS settings, as usual. After this, the Windows loading screen appears ( Again, normal ). While the loading screen is displayed, the machine fails to load Windows but rather returns a blue screen stating that Windows has shut down to prevent damage to the computer.

Any ideas?
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  1. It is not common, but sometimes when USB devices are not replugged into the exact same port it can cause problems on the next boot because Windows is attempting to set up those devices as new.

    So, unplug all USB devices except the keyboard and try again. If it boots, plug each device one at a time, waiting for Windows to tell you the device is set up before you plug in the next.
  2. Tried it. No joy.

    Could it be a result of physical damage to the machine, or is the timing of this problem a likely coincidence?
  3. The next thing I would try is to remove and re-install the video card and any other cards.
  4. Thank you. I'll try that, and if that fails, I believe I'll try to repair or reinstall Windows XP.
  5. I tried reinstalling the video cards but to no avail. Finally, I formatted the hard drive, which unfortunately cost me the data on the drive, of course, but I was able to reinstall the OS. Everything seems to be fine now. Any suggestions as to what might have gone wrong in the first place? While using the windows repair tool I got messages stating the boot sector was damaged and also a message stating something to the effect of some parts of the drive not being recoverable.
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    Back up all your data. It sounds like your hard disk may fail soon and need replacing
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  8. Have you tried using a repair disc... it's very unlikely that you hdd will fail randomly unless it's had its time or you have dropped it, Or unless the HDD has had failing sectors in parts where windows can recognise and report an error. (Unlikely)

    The Operating System would have been completing a background update or a patch and while you "disconnected and moved the machine" Did you shut-down the unit properly before you moved it..?
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