GTX 275 1792 or sli 4870

Which is the best card setup?

I'll be buying a system in the next week, probably from ibuypower. In the past, I've built my own, but I've priced out the components via newegg, and there's no huge difference in cost, so I'm getting them to put it together.

Here's the basic config:

i7 920
asetek liquid cooling for cpu
12gb ram (overkill yes)
700 watt ps (too little?)
500 gb hard drive
1tb 2nd drive
nxt alpha case

My current system can handle most games decently: fallout3, fc2...even crysis and med-high settings.
But it absolutely fails at GTAIV. At the low settings I need to use, why bother?
The new system should run Crysis at the max and play GTA at or near the max...and be ready for the next generation of gaming graphics (for at least 2 years?)

Which card set up would be best?
Would I need extra cooling for either?
What gpu cooling options are recommended?
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  1. If it were down to those 2 i would recommend "CROSSFIRE" 4870. Stock fans are fine and you can overclock them but do turn the fan speeds up. Are you sure prices from newegg isnt cheaper? How much is that build just curious?
  2. Under $200. Yep. IBP is pretty good.
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