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Hello,i need your assistance please!i had an old ePATA 500gib segate the insideboard converter burned,so i put out of the plastic case desaseble the small cables and i mounted inside my tower pc as a inside pata(that it is)i connect the power saply cables and the IDE cable BIOS AND WENDOWS XP can "see" it right...but when i click to see what i have inside..winXp message me that i have to formated because is unformated...ofcurse i didnt press the icon to formated to avoid data loss...through a partition software i saw that is normally in NTFS i have to change the jumbers position?and can i use a RECOVERY software to make my PATA again READABLE in my new XP PC?thank you very very much!
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  1. Use recovery software.

    FYI: If you use clear punctuation and language, you will get more numerous and more helpful responses. I only skimmed your description because it is so difficult to read.
  2. Try running Seagate's diagnostic software on the drive to make sure there are no other problems with it.

    Testdisk is good for recovering lost partitions.
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