X6 1090T

So i overclocked the 1090T i got a few days ago, does an okay job, v core higher than i expected, but probably because my cpu - nb voltage is on auto stock.

I know ram timing varies for different people, but what is the average safe timing & volt people typically get? also my bios doesn't show how much the current CPU - NB Voltage is at, so is there a way to monitor that? would push the CPU NB Speed to 3000, but apparently all i know how is to increase the Northbridge Voltage and not the CPU to NB one.

Would increasing the HT Link do anything worthwhile for me?

CPU Model: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE
CPU Stepping: Unsure
CPU Frequency: 4000 MHz
CPU vCore: 1.48V
CPU Multiplier: 20x
CPU Turbo: Disabled
CPU NB Speed: 2600 MHz
HT Link Speed: 2000 MHz
RAM Speed: DDR3-1600
RAM Timings: 9-9-9-24-1T
RAM Configuration: A-Data 4 GB (2 x 2 GB)
RAM vDIMM: 1.66V
Motherboard: MSI 790FX-GD70
Chipset/Socket: AM3, 790FX + SB750
Cooling: Thermalright Silver Arrow
Temps: 18C Idle / 45C Load
Operating System: Windows 7
32/64-Bit: 64
Stable/Suicide/Untested: Stable 6+ hours

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  1. I just put a thread up pertaining to OCing the NB & HT I got both set to 2600MHz@1.2v..It gives me a much smoother OS enviroment and games are a bit faster in the fps department...I am gonna try NB&HT --->2800 MHz@1.2v tonight....fingerscrossed...BTW I would take those CPU-NB voltage off of auto and enter between 1.1 and 1.2v for the values to lock them in..my MOBO had those values way out of range in the auto setting
  2. ^
    Thanks for the input lowjack, but i don't know what they are at when my 4.0ghz is stable. there is a lot of voltages under VIN1 and more on AMD Overdrive, have no clue which is which.

    Yeah, the NB i got to 2800 fine, but when it hits 3000 screen won't come up :[
    Should i overclock the HT Link? it's at 2000 atm, i hear it doesn't make any significant improvements.

    Got the ram from 9-9-9-24 TRC: 40 to 8-8-8-20 TRC: 32

    is that good enough or should i try to push it more? at 1.7v under dram.
  3. They only bounce no more than 100 MHz when set to auto...CPU-Z will show this bounce in frequency..to OC the NB and HT or any OC is to do it manually..especially voltages..I noticed a good improvement with both OCed..haven't tried the HT OC by itself with NB set to default to see the difference though
  4. voltages on the DRAM should never exceed spec. Which RAM modules do you have?
  5. i have A-Data Gaming Series which goes from 1.65v to 1.8v.

    i tried testing on prime with the 8-8-8-20 TRC: 32 but it failed after 8 minutes. what to do... T_T.

    So what do you think the CPU-NB is at? i need to change it, or i dont think i can push the NB to 3000mhz just by changing nb voltage alone.
  6. 1.7v is feasible with that RAM..What is the command rate on the DRAM timings..loosen up to 8-8-8-24-1T@1.7v..Just a shot in the dark..I think it may get you stable
  7. what's command rate?
    Here's the link to the ram i have:

    i will give 8-8-8-24 a try. i think i went too low by hitting 20 and TRC of 32.

    The ram does handle 1.65-1.8v though, so it should be fine for me right?
  8. Try TRC of 36...As far as an actual meaning to it I will have to break out my textbook...It has to do with I believe access to the RAM...It is either 1T or 2T with the 1T being the tighter of the two
  9. it's set to 1T.

    i got it to stabilize at 8-8-8-22 with TRC of 36.

    how come i've seen people get like 5-5-5-15, 6-6-6-6-20, 7-7-7-20. it's crazy.
  10. different speed RAM will have loose or tight timings depending on the modules you can get them a little tighter....5-5-5-15 is normally DDR2 800....6-6-6-20 is usually DDR2 1066..The faster the RAM the looser the timings have to be
  11. ah i see, so i guess at 1600mhz im suppose to see how much i can squeeze from it.
  12. Voltages: As a rule of thumb, I don't leave any on Auto. Just use manual defaults to make sure it doesn't auto-scale any with clock rate. Sometimes mobos overvoltage quite a bit. Lowjack touched on this, but I wanted to expand it to suggest manual settings for all voltages.
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