Solid wireless PCI adapter for 64 bit OS?

I'm about at my witt's end. After fighting with inferior consumer grade USB adapter after another, I finally found the CISCO AIR-PI21AG adapter. This thing is.. was.. great. Much faster, solid connection, no drops. Perfect. Well, when I upgraded my computer I found it wasn't compatible with my motherboard. Went out and bought a WMP200 PCI adapter, which was.. okay. Better than most anything else I'd had, but still nothing like the P121AG.

Now, I've upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and apparently Cisco does not support 64 bit operating systems at all. What crock.

I have no idea what to get now. I'm currently on a Netgear WMP111 which is crap.. crawls compared to my PCI adapters. My speeds seriously just got cut by 2/3. I've also tried Linksys (consumer grade Cisco) USB stuff and have not been happy.
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  1. I ended up going with the D-Link DWA-556. Atheros 5008 chip so very hopeful this one will be good.
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