One core temp too high?

Hello all, I just recently upgraded from an ancient Athlon 64 X2 to a Intel Core2 Quad Q9550. I have been monitoring the temps using Core Temp 0.99.5 and Core 0 is always significantly hotter than the others by about 10 degrees. It sits at about 50 while idle and the other 3 are around 40-38. I'm currently using a Cooler Master GeminII S after tossing the stock cooler. Is this normal for a quad core?
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  1. That is normal... not all cores will have the same temps...

    I have a dual core and one core is always colder than the other.... You have to go by CPU temp and not individual core temp....

    Your CPU idle temps should be around 45c according to the individual core temps you posted...

    Try downloading prime95 and stressing out the computer for about 30 min and check your CPU temp in the process. Your CPU temp should never exceed 65c (normal operation) with ambient at no higher than 30c.
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