I need advice for my case fans

I think my fan are not properly cooling my case.So i need some help with the postion of my 3 60mm fans.
What direction should the fans blow.

http://data.imagup.com/multi/1117724135_Untitled.png (my case)
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  1. confusing pic i'm assuming the 60mm in the middle of the case is a side panel fan if so have it as intake the others should be exhaust. If you aren't sure which way is intake and which is exhaust there should be an arrow on the fans depicting which way the air moves

    btw which case is this
  2. Thx for the answer and yes the 60mm in the middle is the side panel fan. About my case i dont really know where to look for the brand but i have payed like 60$ for it.Maybe i should buy bigger fan (120mm) because sometime while gaming my pc auto shut down, so i guest i have some heat problem.My gpu temp. can go up to 80c and my cpu ( AMD Phenom II X4 955e @ 2100MHz)is about 40c.I know that the ati hd 4870 is know for heating issue but i just bought a new video card (radeon hd 6950 2GB).

    I dont know maybe ill switch to coolant, but i heard that its expenssive.
  3. doesn't sound like a heating issue to me not sure though 80 C is fine for GPU but above 90 C is not check VRM temps as well (VDDC phases) in GPU-Z make sure VRMs don't go above 120 C
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