P5QL PRO: need better utility for temp/fan monitoring

My motherboard: P5QL PRO
CPU: 2.66 GHz 6MB Q9400
RAM: 1GB Kingston DDR II
Video card: ATI RADEON 4350

No overclocking etc...

at the moment the hottest thing in my system is AGP card.

before I overclok, I need a better utility to monitor system temps etc.

Plesae suggest some good utility for

Motherboard temp, Fans ...... monitoring /alerting.

the utility which came with mobo PC-PROBE , not a good human interface, visiblity is not good, window size is too small on this resolution 1600x1200

readouts are too small, and do'nt want to change screen resolution just for this

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  1. what you say about 'samurize' , is it a good professional util?

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