Is there somethin wrong with my i7 chip =/

Okay so i'm in desparate help so i'm editing my post lol.

My rig:

Cooler master scout
EVGA SLI LE x58 mobo
6gb g. skill 1600 mhz <--- its not even at 1600 but i'll fix that at another time
corsair tx750w
wd 640gb caviar black
scythe mugen-2 cpu cooler
xfx 4870 1gb

So i finally installed vista today without any problems, i'm very happy about that. I downloaded some programs to tell me the info and stuff (cpu-z , e leet, cpuid HW monitor )
According to cpu-z and e leet, i'm running my stock i7 920 at 2.78 GHz @ 1.258 volts ... So did i receive a badly overclocked i7 or something?

Some temperatures i'm worried about:

CPU : 29 C

Core #0 45 C
Core #1 44 C
Core #2 45 C
Core #4 42 C

GPU Core temp : 49 C
HDD temp: 31 C

These are taken from CPUID Hardware Monitor

Can somebody help me =/ I never touched the BIOS or anything with the voltages ... i just know stock speeds aren't supposed to be 45 C+ ... And i removed my side panel to see if that helped... and it didn't.

Should i lower my voltages or something? Can somebody help me do that safely?
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  1. What heatsink?
  2. scythe mugen-2 with arctic silver 5
  3. ugh this doesn't make sense .... i'm gettin like 45-50 celsius when i'm on google chrome

    and when i play oblivion, L4D, or COD4, it's at the same temp ... all maxed out =/
  4. nobody?
  5. im having a similiar problem with mine look at my post. no one has seemed to have been able to help. however your problem with the overclock is simply at stock the bios has turbo on. if you go into bios and disable you should be sitting pretty at some diritive of 2.66 or 2.65 because 133 X 20= 2.66 and 133 X 21 or 22 = 2.79 etc which is what turbo mode does it ups the multiplier to help get over a hump when overclocking. so to fix this go into bios at boot up and go into bios and go to cpu features and disable turbo mode and all should be well as far as slight overclock but as far as temps i myself am still at a loss for words.
  6. okay its a start for me =D
  7. okay so i'm at 2.66 now .... and when i was in BIOS i found out my Vcore was 1.200

    Isn't that high for stock speeds?
  8. from what i was told and from what ive read the stock vcore for a do stepping core i7 is 1.25 so i believe you are well within spec.
  9. oh alright.

    My idles are a tiny bit better now i guess ... i think it will be okay =/
  10. Okay my temps and readings now are in the mid 40s, low 40s, and high 30s ... core voltage is at 1.200 V ... GPU core temp is at 45 C idle (65% fan)... HDD is at 30 C idle ...

    Should i be worried ? Is there any way to bring down the voltage? i feel it's a little high for 2.66 GHz
  11. yeah i turned turbo off.

    When i have time, i'm gonna replace my broken fan on top, add a 120mm fan on the side and install a fan controller lol.

    Hopefully then the temps will drop ...
  12. cooler master scout

    One 140mm taking in (front) and one 120mm blowing out (back)

    I was SUPPOSED to have a 120mm? fan on top ... but its not spinning .. i think its broken.

    My cable management could be better, but i don't think it is my case... i opened the side panel and the temps are the same.

    I might need to re-apply the arctic silver 5 ....
    -> If i were to reapply the compound, do i have to remove the previous arctic silver 5 on my processor ? I've only used this computer for like 3-4 days.

    -> Also, i have a XFX 4870 1GB and its running at like 47 C idle @ 65% fan . Doesn't that seem a little bit high with 65% ? Some people online have 30 C with like 35% fan ...
  13. geez 100% is so unbearable lol
  14. also try buying a hdd cooler bay or one of those fans you attach to the bottom of a hdd to drop its temp. that fan is similiar to the one on top of my cooler master haf 922 (the smaller HAF) you can buy replacements on cooler masters website. my plan of attack is to wait for a few more year till ssd's become more affordable and the gig per drive ratio is better then buy noting but ssd alot less heat than standard hdd and more reliable. per "the GUIDE" on this website the authors name escapes me said that as long as your calibratred the only time you need worry bout "core temps" is if they are hitting the max tj which is a 100 you should just be concerned with the overall cpu temp. evgas new e-leet proggie will tell you both.
  15. One thing that will help is if you know if it is a C0 or D0 stepping ;)
  16. Okay on E LEET it says that i have "Stepping 5" "Revision D0"

    Current temps @ idle:
    Core #0- 45 C
    Core #1- 44 C
    Core #2- 45 C
    Core #3- 43 C
    CPU- 30 C
    HDD- 31 C
    GPU- 47 C

    These readings are from CPUID HW Monitor

    Please help me with these temps =/ its all out of place ...

    @burn- I don't think i need to drop my HDD temp lol. I just read on another thread that 35-40 C is the best temperature, and anything below 30 C the HDD is in risk of failure ....

    I never thought somethin would be "too" cold ...
  17. oh ok i was just saying if you wanted too that was the way to go but good to hear your temps are good. from my opinion and what i got from the cooling guide on the forum here along with intels specs our (yours and mine) cpu's are fine. yesterday on my other post i know i was on the edge of cynical but all is well in the land of intel after all so! grats.
  18. oh okay thanks for the input
  19. Okay i decided to increase my QPI frequency to 160 just to try out my temps ... and so far, so good. I'm at 3.2 GHz and my temperatures are the same as if i was at 2.66 GHz ... is something seriously wrong with my i7 chip lol
  20. okay i ran prime95 for like 20 minutes ( cause i have to go somewhere now ) and i load at mid 60's .... is that okay for load?
  21. whats the tcase temp?
  22. Quote:
    Aslong as its under 90c its fine

    Not sure if this is a typo or thinking of a video card, but do not get your i7 much over 70c under load to be safe.
  23. Just wondering - what's you room temperature like? Ambient temps can have a significant impact. On a cool winter's day when the house is a bit on the chilly side, my old E6600 idles near the high 20's/low 30's. In the heat of summer when I'm too cheap to run the AC, my idle temps are in the mid to high 40's.
  24. its like was explained to me and from what i took from the temp guide on the forums is that aslong as your overall cpu temp or tcase doesnt go over 67.9 degrees celsius (intels spec) under load it doesnt matter. that temp is the one that you should always be checking. you see core temps only come into play if you suspect they are getting really hot and even then aslong as under full load they arent hitting 100 degrees celcius its acceptable this being "tj" or t-junction. those are the two guidelines it took me a few times to get that into my head yesterday but i finally grasp it. so think of it this way who cares if your cpu idles at 40 degrees as long as its not hitting the point of no return under load your fine. i know its not ideal but least its not melting. stay in those parameters and youll be fine. on the contrary if your cpu overall is idling at 62 degrees idle i wouldnt reccomend doing a thing with it cause somethings wrong lol
  25. my room is pretty cool right now, i know its not the reason for the high temps.

    Okay i've been running prime95 for like 25 minutes @ 3.2 GHz on the middle circle thing. i forgot what the explanation was.

    Core #0: 67 C
    Core #1: 66 C
    Core #2: 65 C
    Core #3: 63 C

    CPU: 54 C
    VREG: 61 C
    System: 33 C

    I don't even know what vreg is ... lol but its on CPUID HW monitor.

    I get Tcase and Tjunction confused... so if those temps seem fine to you guys, i'll be at a peace of mind lol.
  26. from i know and from what ive been told your within temp standards so. your temps are right on par with mine an im satisfied. i mean dont get me wrong im liquid cooling mine whenever i get the extra to do so just cause i want my temp lower but they are still fine. the only thing about this whole thing that bothers me is that mine isnt ocd and yours is and the temps are the same... weird
  27. that is if your talking about cores if your talking about cpu temp period i would say no more than 70 degrees. im just curios chan whats your cpu or tcase sitting at idle and your cores at idle?
  28. my CPU at idle right now is 29 C

    and my core at idle are:
    #0- 45 C
    #1- 44 C
    #2- 44 C
    #3- 41 C

    I added two extra fans on the side and i underclocked my 4870 to 375/450 @ idle and now i idle at 40 C ! I'm so happy =D

    When i go to stock clovks 750/900 while i'm playing L4D maxed out i load at 53 C .... i never knew fans helped so much lol
  29. Quote:
    Get those fans fixed boy. :)

    Also add two on the side blowing in and increase GPU fan speed to 100%

    On an ATI card, don't increase GPU to 100% fan speed. It's unbearably loud. Stock should be fine, or if you're worried about the temps, try 50% or so.
  30. wish i could help but i dont know much about the temps on i7's. Although those temps look very chilly compared to my P4 prescott temps.
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