What kind of fan connector is this?

I have a Nidec BETA V TA350DC fan that I pulled out of a Dell PowerEdge 1900 server and I want to use it as a case fan in my computer. The problem is the connector:

It needs to be a standard 3-pin connector. Is there any sort of adapter I could buy or could I change it manually?
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  1. i think if you take off that controller you could solder on a new regular 3 pin one
  2. Alright, I got the fan working, but it only works when it's plugged into the SYSFAN2 slot, so I can only have one of my two case fans running. Basically, the SYSFAN1 slot doesn't seem to work. I tried connecting my other case fan (not the one I just got working) into the SYSFAN1 slot and it didn't work, so it must be a problem with the motherboard or something. As for the BIOS, there isn't an option for disabling any of the fans, or at least there isn't one that I know of.

    My motherboard is the MSI G31TM-P21.


    You know what? Nevermind, I'm not going to even bother. That server fan is just so loud. It's not worth it.
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