Your best gtx 460 overclock?

You guys wanna post some of your best gtx 460 overclocks, including the voltage? I'm at 840 core and 4190 memory at 1.0 volts.
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  1. Currently I'm running at 875MHz core clock and standard memory clock. Voltage is stock, I haven't played with it yet. I got it up to 925MHz with stock voltages, but then it became a bit unstable at some scenes in Crysis. It was stable again at 900MHz, but I just dropped it to 875MHz for the more quiet fan operation I get then. I want to start playing with the voltages a bit, I'm quite sure I'll be able to hit 1000MHz on the card, the Cyclone cooler keeps it cool as a cucumber (at 900MHz stock voltage & 100% load for 10 minutes the temps never exceed 60'C).
  2. 1000MHz on +200mv msi hawx
  3. No sorry, I don't run Nvidia junk. lol
  4. geekapproved said:
    No sorry, I don't run Nvidia junk. lol

    Nice. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
  5. 1033 on +100v msi hawk
  6. I'm actually experimenting with the over clock now. I got 875 on stock voltage and am currently trying to run it up to 900.
  7. I have dual gtx 460's so mine are only at 2ghz memory and 850 core clock. 1.05V
    Can you guys also post temps? Mine hits 88C after 2 hours of Fumark.
  8. Why do I always get an error message... and made me double post this time
  9. Check my sig
  10. GPU Clock: 1032 MHz
    Memory: 1030 MHz
    Shader: 2064 MHz

    Stable OC (Furmark @ 2 Hrs) with AMD 1055T Phenomx6 OC`d to 3.5 GHz on Asus Sabertooth 990FX board.
    Windows 7 64bit.
    Asus GeForce driver

    Not a bad OC considering I didn`t push to the point of instability.
  11. 975 GPU Clock
    1949 Shader Clock
    2350 Memory Clock
    1038 voltages
  12. Gigabyte 256bit (early production) with asic quality of 68% and stock bios I got 930mhz on 1.087v. I don't run Furmark but instead pefer to run games and compute apps. topped 73c while running bitcoin.
  13. geekapproved said:
    No sorry, I don't run Nvidia junk. lol

    And you should go to hell you dam son of a bitch
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