Saphire HD4830 in Crossfire WORTH it?


I was wondering wether t would be good to get a HD4830 now and later on add another one. DO you think it is worh it?

I am planning to do this on the Asus P5K-V motherboard (have no other option in my country). The thin is that the P5K-V runs at 8X-8X link in crossfire. Will this affect performance alot (more than 5 FPS or less?).
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  1. Nah you'll be fine with 8x-8x. With everything else, it depends on the price. The 4830 is a good and underrated card, but you might still be able to pick up a 4870 512mb for cheaper than two of them and that's around the same performance level.
  2. actually i wil by them at different times and if i sell the hd4830 and add some money i can get the HD4870 I-chill for the same price as two HD4830s. So what should I opt for? Also if I choose to get the HD4870 I wont be able to upgrade my Asus P5KPL-VM.
  3. go with the 4870
  4. what abt the GTX260?

    GTX260 or 4870?
  5. they both give similar performance, go with the card that gives you the better extras you want (i.e, price, games, warranty, etc.,)
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