Q6600 w/ zalman 9500, heating problems

Hey, Im not sure if it is just the heatsinks problem or just mine, but for whatever reason i am getting huge temperature differentiations between all my cores. The largest difference is between my core 0 and core 3. The difference get get up to nearly 15C. hut on average it is 10c, im pretty sure this isnt normal, but ive tried remounting the heatsink and applying new thermal paste each time, but still it stays the same. Would it be possible that i have a warped base on my heat sink.

Core #0 48C
Core #1 45C
Core #2 39C
Core #3 35C
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  1. i have e8400 core 2, and my average core temp difference is 7-10 C. I believe it has to do with the utilization of the cores, not with the heatsink itself. I dont know about Z 9500, but i have mugen 2 and the base is as flat as it can be.
  2. Load Prime95 and run 4 instances of it to load all the cores to 100%. Wait about 10 minutes and check the temps. Then tell what the difference is.

    5 or 6 C is not uncommon.
  3. .. i ve got the q6700 since more than 1 year.. and in this time the cpu have had varions in temperature more than 15 °C . and its still runnin ..
    dont worry^^ i'm using the sythen mugen 2
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