I7 920 p6t oc HELP

hello all,

i have tried various different settings to achieve an over clocked i7 920 but no matter what i do i always have temps way to high and an un stable system

i would appreciate a simple step by step guide of voltages and settings to help me achieve my goal of only 3.4 ghz
i read posts of people easily reaching 4 ghz with low temps and dont understand how i am any different but still failing at stability

my specs:
CPU: I7 920 d0 stepping (heat sink arctic cooling freezer pro 7 with arctic silver 5 paste)
Ram: 6gb corsair XMS 3 1600mhz
GPU: bfg geforce gtx 295
HDD:1 tb segate
SSD: patriot inferno 60gb (win7 os on this)
PSU: superflower 850w
CASE: thermaltake armor +mx

i appreciate any help at all
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  1. please any help
  2. What are the load and idle temps at default settings and at OC settings? How much voltage are you giving it?

    You should be able to hit 3.4 on a 920 very easily.
  3. Also, what program are you using to stress test and monitor temps?
  4. Also, what bios version is on the P6t?
  5. I have a p6t with a 930...not much diff, you shouldnt have much problem. You def need your lastest bios update though.
    set overclock to manual
    ratio 21
    bclk 165
    Turn off anything that says spectrum or spread in ai tab, go into your next tab to the right under cpu config, turn off c1 and intel speedstep tech. None of this should really give off to much heat, if it does though get way to high, try diabling hyper threading but I dont believe you'll have too. Download prime95, run it on blend for 16-24hrs. Temps should not go passed 85(my safe temp for prime). If so shut her down and get a new cooler. If you get a bsod it will usually be 124 error, this is qpi/ppll or vcore. Usually vcore and your not doing anything major so stay away from the qpi/pll. Use the + sign on that option to bump it once. Re-test until you have no bluescreens in the 16-24hr period. Usually you'll get your answer in the first 10 minutes but the closer you get to the right voltage the longer(most times) it takes to bsod. My bet is anywhere between 1.25-1.28 for vcore. You ay need to go higher as not all chips are made the same. Do as you will but I wont take the heat if something goes wrong.
  6. hey thanks for the help guys

    i have not updated my bios since i bought my p6t about 1 yr ago, i will be updating it as soon as i can

    my idle temps with speed fan are:

    gpu 46
    gpu 46 i have a gtx 295 its a multi gpu
    system 43
    cpu 43
    aux 9c**
    hd1 0c**
    hd0 31** *no idea what the last three are
    cpu 45
    mb 43

    now i will run prime 95 using a blend test
    ( this is using 8 threds with the test) and i only ran it for about 10 seconds it reached these temps and i let it got for bout 45 sconds then shut it down
    gpu 46
    gpu 46
    system 43
    cpu 92
    aux 12
    hd1 0
    hd0 31
    cpu 92
    mb 43


    I DONT KNOW WHY IT JUMPS UP SO DRASTICALLY SO QUICK THIS IS ON STOCK EVERYTHING I REMIND YOU, appart fro mthe thermal paste and cooler, my comp was dropped by my bro and sent to a specialist he replaced the cooler witha artic cooler 7 or somthing and i recently redide thermal paste using artic silver 5

    thanks guys
  7. btw i just updated my bios to version 1408 currently the latest bios for the p6t i believe
  8. Oh... well if he dropped the comp then i'm out man, theres so much that could be wrong with it that I couldn't begin to tell you where to start. The settings I listed above are sound for the p6t and should not bring even close to those temps unless your cooler just cant handle it. I'm not a big fan of air cooling but alot of people have had alot of success with it. Another thing is that you may have used too much thermal paste. Paste in areas around the cpu frame can lead to excess heat.
  9. The arctic cooling freezer pro 7 is a good heatsink. I agree with wondafunk that you might have put too much thermal paste on, or the heatsink is not seated correctly. When thermal paste is applied too liberally, it will begin to insulate heat instead of transfer.

    Try reseating the heatsink, make sure you clean both contacting surfaces with alcohol and q-tips. I dont know what the material is called, but that cloth that is used to clean sunglass lens. I like to rub the surfaces with that as a final touch as it collects material left behind from qtips and paper towels.
  10. ive never ever had a problem since it was dropped a yr ago but i guess there could be some sort of damage,
    i mad sure to apply the thermal paste perfectally and ensured none came out.

    i appreciate you help and i will keep trying, i might have to invest in a better cooler but as you said i shouldnt get those temps at all evan with a stock cooler :( :(

    might need a new cpu :( :(
  11. i can re set the heat sink but i have done that before and i dont think i put too much paste, i used the pea method and it seemed to work pretty well,

    i read somthing somewhere that said if im reaching temps of 80c + the heatsink should be hot to the touch but mine is still cold :( with leads me to believe that the heat isnt being transferred

    i will try resetting the heatsink as i think it is more than adaquate for what i want

    thanks guys
  12. also might shave a few degrees with a better monitor, some arent that good, asus suite and pc probe arent great i'de assume you are using these because they came with the board.. I like realtemp and speed fan, I found a 4-5 degree difference when I went with these programs. I remember pc probe telling me it was 93 when speed fan and real temp were saying around 85-86.
  13. If you feel like doing some extra work, and spending about $30-$40, upgrade to a hyper 212+! I have that and i'm barely hitting 85C in prime95 at 4GHz on my i7-930, which isn't different from your 920, and I am at 1.32v

    But your heatsink shouldn't have any problems at stock speed...download CPU-Z and check your voltages under Prime95, my p6t gave me like 1.3v at stock speeds with auto voltage LOL it was pretty funny :)
    Just for reference, I was able to undervolt my chip (which is NOT really a "good" batch) to 1.0v at 2.8GHz, which gave me 54C under Prime95....so try undervolting it first to around 1.1v and see what happens. I could reach 3.5GHz at 1.13v, 3.8GHz at 1.21v, and 4GHz at 1.32v :D
  14. lol I didnt even think about it, check out asus's epu program, your not really doing anything serious and this will cover you easy. Its 3rd party but 3rd party from the developer and like I said your not really doing anything serious so imo its what you want. If I member right the highest it went for me was 3.3-3.5, its auto set and manual options and it dosent change much but what it needs to hit your mark. Asus's turbo-v would also give you some stability. Once again, your not doing anything major so a few bumps to your vcore, bclk, qpi/dram through windows isnt going to hurt you imo. I've als been working on bios o/cing combinations for stabilty and reasonable temps, another thing to check on would be to lower your ram freq as I recieved a tip from a forum member here that changing memory settings we use has very little impact because of some reason(im not a much into ram), I dropped my timings from 6-8 and the freq is in the 1000 somethings and my mother board and cpu idle alone dropped 4-5c. I also started using the cpu ratio 22 because this allows me a lower bclk freq and I got another 2-3c from that for some reason this allowed me to lower my vcore as well from 1.3 to 1.27. In the end I took a 4ghz from max load of 89c to a max load of 78-79c. Hopefully this helps you some.
  15. :) :)
    yay in re applying the thermal paste i discovered my heat sink mount was broken not giving contact to the chip very much and had too much thermal compound, i cleaned then applied more paste and fixed the bracket


    thanks for all your help now i will play round with voltages to get lower temps and more stability

  16. Awesome! :D Enjoy your overclocking!
  17. hey guys i have another puzzeling question if you have suggestions

    ever since im running at 4ghz everything is perfect except my internet doesnt work at all untill reboot then its fine? quite wierd

  18. not to worry a good old driver update help muchly
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