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Hey Guys,

I just got my first SSD (Vertex 2 80Gb).

I've read it's a good idea to have "Over Provision" with SSDs to minimize performance lose over time.

My question is:

How do I setup over-provisioning?


- Do I only partition ~75%, and leave the rest unallocated? (and is that it?)
- Do I have to set some sort of preset?
- Do I make 2 partitions? (One for use, and one for the over provision?)
- Do I just partition the whole drive and make sure I don't use over 75% of it?

I've tried to google and look for proper setup instructions, but I've only found info on how much space to set aside.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!
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    Just partition 75% and leave the rest.

    However, garbage collection, trim, etc. renders this less important. Sandforce based drives do very well over time and I would not worry about it. If you were going to raid this drive with another you might think about provisioning.
  2. So just partition 75%, and leave the rest unallocated?

    - anything else I have to do?
  3. That's it. This is the equivalent of 'short stroking' your ssd. If you provisioned 50% of the drive you could always write at full speed even without trim. At 25% you should almost never notice any performance decrease and the decrease should be minimal at best.

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