About ready to give up oc'ing my i7 920! help!

I know I've run my setup at just below 4GHz before without issue but lost the overclock profile when I had to do a CMOS reset after some aggressive tuning.

Screenshots below of how I'm trying it now (though it won't boot, I get a BSOD).

System specs:

i7 920
12gb Gskill 1333 9-9-9-24 1.5-1.6v
EVGA e758 motherboard w/newest BIOS
Sapphire 4870 2gb (non-X2)
OCZ RevoDrive 120g

Any ideas??

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  1. raise voltage a bit.. thats my only idea. 1.375 should do it. you're also trying to bump it up a lot on a very low-end mobo. the e758 isn't really an 'overclocker'
  2. 1.375 on the CPU Vcore right?

    And this board isn't good for overclocking? I know it's an older i7 board but what is it lacking?
  3. Yes give it a little more voltage on the CPU (Like opexx said 1.375). Also check the VDrop setting on your MoBo.
  4. What should the 'vdrop' be set to?
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