Need help choosing Mobo for mobo/cpu/ram upgrade(i7)

So I was originally planning on waiting to upgrade but recent events have left me with no choice, my Socket 939 finally died on me the other day and I feel its time to upgrade to i7. Only things I need for upgrade at the moment are Motherboard, CPU and ram. I was also wondering how to tell if your processor is D0?

I was looking at the ASROCK Delux ( but I don't know whether or not that is a good choice. I have about 700$ avalible and would like to get away with under 600 if possible for my CPU Motherboard and RAM, and i'm hoping to get a socet 1336 I7 920, does anyone have any recommendations on motherboards?

I wont be doing any heavy gaming but i would like the ability to upgrade this box if the time comes when I do want to, right now Im running two 20in 1680x1050 monitors and predominately use it as a workstation for programming/lite gaming.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Either the Asus P6T series or the Gigabyte EX-58 UD series are hard to beat. Both companies make several variations of these boards depending on the features you want. Just check Newegg.
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