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Ok, I have a DVD I made from an Image of my windows 7 operating system. I no longer have the original DVD or Image, just the DVD I made. What I have been trying to do is make a backup Image of my DVD and reburn my windows 7 Disc because the old one is getting scratched up. I have used Nero 8 and Magic ISO and even IMGburn and all have failed to produce a bootable DVD. I was under the impression I could just make an ISO out of the old disk and then just reburn the ISO onto a new one. Apparently that doesn't work.

I've burned through about 12 DVD trying to get this right. IMGburn refuses to accept my DVD's a writable media, Nero keeps failing half way through, and magic ISO burns the Disk but it will not boot. I also tried this with my Killdisk CD and it too will not work. The images I extracted will mount and work just fine with magic disk, they just will not boot after i burn them onto DVD

I can easily burn ISO's that I have or have downloaded, I am just making the copies wrong or something.

I am sure this question has been asked before , but every thread I have read doesnt quite cover it and I am sill not able to do what I am trying to do.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

    use create image , then put disc in and burn image to disc!

    this is free!
  2. it should work just make it bootable!
  3. I know this isn't what your asking but if you still have the product key Microsoft will mail you new media for about 10 bucks. I originally purchased the full version of vista a while back and later wanted to reload the 64 bit instead of the 32. I went to the support page and they sent me both new dvds for around 10 bucks. Its the same deal for win 7.
    Just posting this as an alternative. Will probably not work for an OEM version.
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