Need some help with compatibility

Hey guys I'm custom building a computer for the first time and need some help making sure my pieces are compatible with each other, I'm almost sure they are but I would rather be safe than sorry.





Hard drive:


DVD burner:


RAM (2nd):

Video card:

I already have keyboard,mouse,monitor, and speakers.

Thanks in advance for looking.
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  1. That PSU is not that great and overpriced. I would go for the 650tx
    Just get 4GB of RAM, more isn't worth it.

    To save some money, consider this CPU/mobo combo. Put the money saved on the PSU and mobo towards a better graphics card. The one you have is good, but you might consider the 1GB version, a GTX 260 or a couple of these in crossfire.

    What resolution are you playing at?
  2. My monitor can only go towards 1680X1050 I think it is so I was hoping to be able to play at that. Im also gonna either up that to the 1GB version or get but idk which to choose.
  3. They are both about the same performance wise, I would get that GTX 260 because it comes with a game, if you're interested in that. Either card will be great for 1680x1050. I assume your using the corsair? How about the CPU mobo combo? Are you going to be overclocking?
  4. The psu/mobo combo I didn't see any link to it in your post so idk what processor and motherboard it is but I want to keep atleast the speed I have with the X3 or upgrade it , and I don't believe I will be overclocking if i ever get around to figuring out how to and actually doing it it will only be a by a small margin. Also the game isn't a big factor for me as I have it on my 360.
  5. Whoops, here's the combo

    If you don't care about the game, here's a cheaper GTX 260

    Overclocking on a black edition CPU like the PII 720 is easy, just raise the multiplier, and stress test while keeping at eye on temps. If you want to get more serious, you can get an aftermarket cooler. Look for overclocking guides on this forum and others.
  6. Alright Well since I've cut down the cost a bit due to your suggestions (Thank you!) I think I'm gonna get the 4870 1GB version and yes I am going to go with that corsair PSU. Also one more thing to move my old files from my old computer to my new one is putting them on an external hard drive and transfering them over the best way to go?
  7. One more thing, are you planning on adding another 4870 in the future? If you are, I you may want to step up to the 750TX PSU. If not, your good to go!
  8. No I wont the only thing i'd do is just upgrade the video card again.
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