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I have an Antec P182 Case in which the PSU mounts on the bottom, upside down. My current PSU I have ready for the case is the Corsair HX620. The HX620 sucks air in from the top (while upside down) and vents in the rear. In the Antec case you'll see that the PSU spot has a metal divider right above where the PSU mounts and a fan towards the front that blows on the PSU. Should I get a different PSU that has a fan that blows out the rear (haha) and has a vent in the front like the Antec Quattro? The objective being better air flow.

Antec Quattro 850 PSU

Corsair HX620 PSU

Antec P182 Case
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  1. I have the Corsair HX620. The fan blows/pulls air into the psu where the air flows through the components and is exhausted/blown out the rear of the power supply. Depending on the power supply orientation it the fan is either on the top of the psu or the bottom of the psu.

    The Antec P182 demo shows air from the bottom front of the lower chamber flowing straight back through the fan in the middle of the chamber, and then straight through the power supply:

    Interesting concept. I'm not sure replacing the power supply will result in any improvement in air flow where it is needed the most. You really need the airflow in the upper chamber that houses the motherboard, cpu, graphics card(s), and other components. That's where things can warm up quite a bit. In addition, it looks like there is sufficient space for the psu fan to do it's job.
  2. Thanks again Johnny. I already have the HX620 installed but I suppose I am just being "nit-picky" and going for a more perfect build. I'll stick with the HX620 unless I encounter problems in the future.
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