CryEngine 3 VS CryEngine 2 the battle begone :D

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  1. lets just hope they optimize Crysis 2 to run on the PC rather then just toss a hardware killer port at us like GTAIV or ghostbusters.
  2. ^ I agree.
    Hopefully the pc version will have some ultra high settings we can play at. =]
  3. Wiki has some quotes about Crysis 2. Devs say it will "compete with crysis 1 for the best graphics on the PC" and be the best looking game on the console.

    I'd be more than happy if the game is bug free and looks identical :D
  4. Hopefully looking at the video seems like the console version is dull, hopefully there is more life in the pc version.
  5. o.0 Console version has better lighting? o.0 It will also perform better, : D I can't wait to get it on both as i have bulk money to spend :)
  6. well honestly, looking at the short draw distance, it seems like CryEngine 3 is trying to fake CryEngine 2 so the game gets a lot of hype for having really good graphics, which it does, for a console game. it'll be interesting to see the frame rate on everyone's xboxs/ps3's because they don't seem to optimize code very well :D
  7. I have heard that CryEngine 3 has a little less graphic quality than CryEngine 2 but its better optimized than it.
  8. CryEngine 3 looks horrible from what i saw...hopefully it wont be that bad on the PC, as i'm used to maxed out settings on everything.

    crysis was never meant to be a console game imo
  9. @Thefox14, totally correct, it wasn't supposed to be a console game at all. I'm sure it wouldn't have been hard to port it to the xbox 360 but they didn't because in my opinion, the point of crysis was to make it so hard to run, people competed to get better fps, causing it to become popular.
  10. uncfan_2563 said:
    the point of crysis was to make it so hard to run, people competed to get better fps, causing it to become popular.

    1. i highly doubt crytek sat around and said lets make a game that cripples hardware, that's the key to high sales!
    2. crysis, as a game, is one of the best FPS PC games in a while. I enjoyed it, as did many other people from its reviews.
    3. in medium - high levels, crysis is very playable, enjoyable, and a good looking game.
  11. you're right they didn't say that. My point was it got very famous because of the challenge of maxing it out. I realize that it's still very good looking at medium and fun, i've played the demo (was too cheap to go out and get something that i can't run too good )
  12. yea i know, the whole "can my PC run crysis" got way out of hand. the fact was in most cases it was, yes it can it just cant max it out.
  13. right and it had started to annoy me how with every review, it's more likely that you'll find a Crysis benchmark then something that tests raw power better, such as 3dmark
  14. and also, i'm interested in finding out if CryEngine 3 will allow better graphics when used on a pc, such as increased draw distance
  15. remember cryengine 3 will be focused to run on consoles (where the vast majority of games will be sold).

    The question becomes will the game run like FEAR 2 or Fallout 3 on the PC, where it runs vastly superior to the console cousin and can easily be maxed out. Or will it run like GTA IV where they said have fun running this crap on superior tech just to get it to the console level.
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