Overclocking through INTEGRATED TOOLKIT

HEY guyz.. MY specs e6300 2.8wolfade( Stock cooler) XFX gts 250 1gb, DG41rq MOBo, 2gb 800mhz kingston value ram, 600w cm extreme psu.
as everyone knows intel mobo cant oVerclock.but i found in intel integrated toolkit that i can change multiplier which is default as 14...how much increasing is good? anyone done it before? i heard i can o.c upto 3.4 ghz on stock cooler. will increasing multiplier increas clocks?
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  1. i should bump
  2. and normally for this cpu multiplier is 10.5
    10.5 x 266 2797
    and i cant increase bus speed so multiplier will do work or not and how mch on stock cooler?
  3. ayone can tell? and i have overclocked using setfsb ..is it safe overclocking ? and how mch i can overclock using stock heatsink fan...?
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