GTX 280 Vs 4890 ?

So Ill just ask! Which one is better ?

I have a 280 right now but i can get 250$ for it and thats enough for a 4890... i wanted to know if that is better then the 280 ?

just one more thing to think of, the reason im thinking of getting the 4890 is because i can then get a nother one and crossfire them but i cant SLI the 280 =(

what do you think buy a 4890 or stay with 280 ?

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  1. I would stay and not change because ATM there the 280 is slightly faster that the 4890
  2. +1 random1283
  3. I'd sell the GTX280 and wait for Q3 for ATIs new GFX realeases.
  4. +2 random1283
  5. Well i know the 280 is a better card one on one compaired to the 4890 what im asking is is it better to got it now and then crossfire two later cause i cant do that with my 280 my mobo doesnt support SLI only crossfire.... Help!?
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