Compatibility issue with intel e5300 dual core processor

Is intel e5300 compatible with intel DQ965GF?
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  1. Um no. Looks like your stuck with pre-45nm chips. A new G31 will only set you back $40 bucks or find a E6600 with about the same performance and money.
  2. uhm I forgot to mention that i got it to work.. in fact its running windows xp just fine.. with a few minor issues in the bios. My bios reads the processor at 1.20ghz while windows on the other hand, reads it at 2.60ghz. Thanks for the quick reply btw.
  3. I answered the Speedstep question on your other thread. The Windows Control Panel does not look at SpeedStep readings. It looks at the results of (FSB * Internal multiplier). If you were to go into the BIOS and change the internal multiplier to 6, BIOS and Control Panel would agree.
  4. Thanks jsc. For the info ^^
  5. FYI i already checked intel's website but to no avail.. it's not there. but still it worked with my board. That's another reason not to rely so much on compatability lists. thank you for the sarcasm zipzoomflyhigh it helped at lot.. ^^ fail.. LOLX
  6. I'll have to try a Wolfdale with my spare 965 mobo... I'm not sure the processor actually is running at full speed. Windows reads the CPU-ID and not the actual cpu speed. Try CPU-Z and look and see what is with something intensive in the background.
  7. i am using E5300! oc'd it to 3.25 Ghz using G31 M Mobo. i saw in the website of Intel that it has 64-BIT instruction set. so that we call it 64BIT processor. is it correct? i am a computer science student? i would be delighted if i have the answer.
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