Sapphire hd 3650 512 mb agp card problem

hey guys...
well i just bought sapphire hd 3650 512 mb ddr2 agp card. Now the problem is my motherboard that is asrockp4i45gv is not supporting 512mb agp card ,it only supports till 256mb.
so need help if anyone knows which motherboard will support it????

i got p4 2.4gh processor that is with pin
and ddr1 ram
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  1. I think I have that Vid card in my last gen PC at home. I recall having alot of trouble with the drivers for it, since its not officially supported by ATI and none of their drivers will work with it.

    I'll check my MB when I get a chance, but its almost not worth replacing a MB for it. The only reason to get that card, is because you have a system thats stuck with an AGP MP. If you have to replace the MB, its almost defeating the point.
  2. Sorry for the delay there. Its a Sapphire 3850 HD AGP card, and I'm running it on an ASUS A7V8X-X series MB.
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