Choosing a new graphics card/needing advice

Hey guys i was planning on buying a new pc for gaming and was looking for advice on a new graphics card. My budget is around £60 tops and atm i have a ati radeon 4550. Its not amazing but i would prefer to get something slightly better

so does anyone have any decent suggestions as well as any good reccomendations for cooling/power supply if they were needed

i had been reading up on the 5600 range? i didnt know if that was any good

any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hard to recommend a card without knowing your specs.
    The only viable card would be a 5670 which doesn't require a pcie connect.
  2. Yep the 5670 is a very good card for the price have one myself in my second machine
    Plays any game on med settings most games on max Depending on the reslution you are running if your doing 1080p go for a 6870 and never look back lol
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