Loss of net after connecting to a game server.

Hello, I recently started playing a game called NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, I use a browser based lobby to connect to the game servers via Application Launch with shortcut commands, but I also receive the same problem manually connecting by IP address.

I can connect to a server fine, its just all outside network access gets blocked. I can still disconnect and reconnect to the game servers and any open programs like Windows Messenger stay connected, however I can not open any new connections...All other computers connected to my Router also receive the same problem.

I am using Vista with no firewall or special software, connected wireless to a Belkin: N Wireless Router. The server I am connecting to is on port 33267.

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  1. Update, after much trouble port forwarding (basically it didnt work until I got a firmware update), and I had it working on my computer alone.

    I opened ports 32766 to 32809 for the game, as well as 87 and 88 because I've heard of Belkin telling people to do that if they have issues....and everything worked perfectly on my computer, however with those ports open, no other clients connected to the router could get any internet access at all, regardless of whether or not the game was running. A computer plugged directly in to the router couldnt even get the name of the network and the yellow flag was up saying the connection is not working properly. I removed the port forwarding and it went back to normal, but now I have the problem with the game again.

    Any help is appreciated, cheers.
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