Stability tests for Core i7 2600K?

Testing my i7 2600K @ 4.7 ghz (HT off) 1.36v with OCCT 3.0 Perestroika for an hour & Intel Burn Test for an hour. Everything seems good so far with no temps over 76. Is it usually a good sign of stability if it passes both tests, or is it really necessary to run Prime 95 for 20 odd hours too? Thanks. Was going to go 4.8 but don't like temps hitting 80 C under stress
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  1. Well it isn't necessary to run Prime 95 for 20 hours or some other stupidly long target time, but people do it just to see if their system can be taxed 100% day and night without worrying about crashing.

    If it's stable in the test you ran, make sure it's also stable in applications you use regularly, a burn in test might be stable but other applications may not be.

    I ran prime 95 for 10 hours, when I tried to run a game (Crysis), the PC hung, when I took down the clock from 4.2GHz to 4.1GHz it ran fine.
  2. that's pretty damn hot, bearclaw. I agree with everything joytech said. I usually run multiple benchmark programs so that problems like joytech said don't surface later. Better for me to know it is going to work ahead of time. So I will run p95 for a couple hours and also some graphics tests, both at high and low res so the CPU gets taxed, and also so the CPU gets taxed with the GPUs getting taxed.

    Some games don't like overclocking at all, and you will have to back down sometimes.
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