Compatability: intel penryn processors + 965 chipsets

For all those techy and knowledgeable GURUs out there.. Please help me.

I have an intel e5300 dual core processor and mounted it on my old intel DQ965GF MOBO. It works and all.. but one thing is really bothering me for quite a while now. My bios reads the processor with a clockspeed of 1.20ghz but it is stock clocked at 2.60ghz. I'm running windows xp and when I check my computer properties, it reads 2.60ghz what could this mean? Thanks and More power!
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  1. ^ I think its the Speedstep EIST...In idle mode, the CPU is automatically clocked lower and clock back higher when any CPU intensive tasks are run...
  2. Try running Prime95 and check with the CPUz...It should tell you the actual clock speed...
    But checking with the CPU compatability list, that CPU is not there, that might also be the reason for that...
  3. thanks gkay09.. guess i'll call it slightly incompatible from know on... ^^
    I just don't get why it is able to run xp.. if ever it is incompatible. oh and another thing it seems quite slow for a dual core processor on my freshly installed xp. I'll try running CPUz and i'll let you know how it goes.
  4. That's SpeedStep all right. SpeedStep always runs at FSB times 6 until there's an appreciable load on the system.
  5. @redblade_88 make sure you are running Prime95 - It is an app that would stress the CPU, thus the CPU would be running at full speed...then check with the CPUz...
  6. Thank you for your opinions. they're much appreciated. btw. Did you encounter a newly formatted system running windows xp that takes slow as hell to startup?
    Well while starting up and after loading the sound drivers and antivirus (nod32). There seems to be a 30 second delay before my lan icon shows up and only afterwhich will my computer run smoothly.

    "Its the same computer"

    comp specs:
    intel DQ5965GF
    intel pentium e5300 dual core
    kingston 1 GB RAM @ 800mhz
    Nvidia 8400GS 512MB DDR2 @256bit
    PSU 500 watts
  7. ^ Did you check the HDD mode in the BIOS ? Check if its set to IDE mode...If Yes, changing it AHCI mode might help a bit with the speed...But its not 100% sure that this might be a reason...
    You would have to search how to change to AHCI mode without the need to reinstall the OS though...If I come across any info, will let you know...
  8. I will look into that idea. thank you so much guys.
  9. redblade_88 said:
    Thank you for your opinions. they're much appreciated. btw. Did you encounter a newly formatted system running windows xp that takes slow as hell to startup?

    It's not possible for XP to be slow under any circumstances, if you are to believe some of the posters here.... ;)

    But for the sake of a PURELY THEORETICAL EXCERCISE where we might create an artificial and completely imaginary scenario where an XP installation might possibly... could... - *gaaah... it's even hard to type..* - be somehow hindered by outside forces which are totally and completely NOT the fault of the Great God Of All Operating Systems which is (cue Handel's 'Messiah') THE GLORIOUS WINDOWS XP (Cue for everyone to fall on their knees and bow - *with* lips kissing the ground - towards the West and Redmond, Washington)

    (1) Use a good utility to do a complete defrag - including startup files. Not that the Epitome of Godlike Perfection would ever need such a thing. But users of lesser operating systems recommend doing this.

    (2) Remove the taint of anything and everything that isn't necessary from automatically starting. The Purity of The One True OS should be maintained.

    (3) Check for any device issues - USB devices, or other items - and especially anything which may have been tainted with the (*spit*) Operating Systen Which Shall Never Be Named. Ensure you are using the latest and best drivers for all devices, as The Creator intended.


    p.s. - Go to all your neighbor's houses with a baseball bat, smash their V**ta boxes, and burn the hard drives with an acetylene torch. It makes your XP install run faster!
  10. Thanks for a very entertaining and informing reply.. The Glorious XP...haha
    anyways i highly doubt that it is caused by any viruses out there (H1N1) lolx or even slow downs caused by thrashy files nor registry errors. Though i did defrag my system just to be on the safe side but to no avail.
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