I5 2500k with CM 212 temperatures too high?

I just overclocked my i5 2500k and have been stress testing it with prime95 for 3 hours. However im not sure if my temperatures are okay.

It is running in 4.5 ghz in 1.280 volage

Core 0- 67 celcuis
Core 1- 72 celcius
Core 2- 71 celcius
Core 3- 68 celcius

and right now it hovers around 65-70c

Core 0- 70 celcuis
Core 1- 75 celcius
Core 2- 74 celcius
Core 3- 71 celcius

hovers aorund 68-73c

are these temps too high?

btw my cpu cooler is a CM 212
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  1. No, those are fine. Your temps will probably never reach those temps under real world conditions. Anything under 75-80 C is ok for stress testing with the 2500K
  2. Those temps are ok for the cooler master 212 plus...do you only have 1 fan on the heatsink? if not it'll drop the temps a bit more if you add a 2nd fan...I get around around between 50-60c on prime 95 torture test...

    my setup:

    i5 2500k 4.2ghz 1.210volts
    MSI P67A GD65 Motherboard
    Prolimatech Armageddon heatsink
    2 140mm 80cfm Gelid fans in push pull setup.

    I'm also thinking of going back to stock settings because i don't notice the difference while gaming between 3.3ghz and 4.2ghz...

    But if you don't have a 2nd fan i suggest you get a 2nd one it'll drop the temps by atleast 5c if not more in some cases...
  3. I actually have two fans on the heat sink already.

    But idk i still feel like it could go lower.

    Should I reapply thermal paste? Right now i put a vertical line in the middle of the cpu. Should i try the grain of rice method?
  4. I'm running a Hyper 212+ at 4.7GHz/1.30v with two fans and my temps top out at 70C in IBT with all 8 threads. Your temps seem about average to me for this cooler...
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