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I've got a Seagate external hard drive which I use with the media centre as a backup device.

I used to have some software that automatically ran a backup when the drive was turned on. This seemed to cause the drive to go bonkers and make strange clicking sounds, a bit like a dying hard drive does. However, no data access issues or anything.

Anyway, removed the software and decided to just back things up manually.

THe drive still sat there making odd noises, even when it's not being accessed. It woudl be silent for a few minutes, then click a few times, then go silent. Repeating all the time it was powered up and connected.

I downloaded the Seagate diagnostic software, connected the drive to my laptop and ran the tests. Passed all, no issues detected at all. Also was silent and well behaved connected to the laptop.

Connected back to the media centre and the random clicking starts again. Again, no issues with data /drive access.

Last night I downloaded the diagnostic software again on the media PC this time. Ran it. Fine, no issues detected. Still randomly clicking.

I've now connected it to my Netbook (all computers running windows 7 by the way) as I was going to wipe it ready to send it back to Seagate tomorrow, and it's behaving perfectly. No clicks, nothing.

I'm now thinking there's something that's causing it grief when it's connected to the media centre - but have no idea what, nor how I can go about stopping it?

Thought I'd try uninstalling the drive, then perhaps reinstalling it and assigning it a different drive letter to what it had previously - but other than that, I'm stumped.

Any help gratefully received.
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  1. I believe the media center is trying to access the drive periodically, and what you hear are access noises. I would not be too concerned about it, as long as the drive is healthy.
    Other people on this forum have experienced issues with noisy drives, and they ended up returning them. but, if the drive is OK, you could continue using it for a long time and not have any issues with it.
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