Unlocking Athlon ii x3 450 Rana?

Hi I currently have the Athlon ii x3 450 Rana that I purchased at Fry's Electronics, and I have this mobo:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130290

The thing is, I used the Auto OC Genie tool in bios, everything went great, and is now @ 3.5 at 3 cores. Idles at 36C, how do I know if it is stable?
Also, how do I unlock the 4th core with this MOBO? I enabled Unlock CPU Core, + ACC, save and exited bios, Computer boots, but when I get to windows boot screen that says Starting (Windows 7), it freezes when it shows the first red dot, and the Computer resets, and it goes and goes like this forever.
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  1. Disable your overclock first, and try to unlock the core again, if it boots successfully, run Prime 95 for at least 1 hour and see if it crashes.

    If it does, increase the voltage to the CPU to about 1.375v (if you can) and see if it's stable then.

    If it still crashes, disable the core and use the OC genie tool again.
  2. Do you mean enable unlock + ACC? Or just one?
  3. Still need help!
  4. Still need help!
  5. Enable ACC and unlock
  6. First, set everything to it's stock settings. Then, Enable ACC and unlock. After that, if it boots, run Prime 95 to see if it's stable. If it isn't try a slight (only one step) vcore increase. If it still fails, that 4th core is a dud and that's why it was sold as an X3. If the 4th core works, then you can try overclocking it. You will probably not reach that same 3.5Ghz speed with the 4th core
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