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I have an xfx 8300 geforce. So it's an am2+ socket. On nvidia control panel, with performance i get the cpu specifications and the chance to raise the fsb, but the multiplier only has the highest option for what the processor's multiplier is already at, i have a phenom ii 720 and it's a black edition. So i should get a multiplier that goes up to 20 or more times. On nvidia control panel it gives me the option for 14 or whatever multiplier my processor has currently and the option to decrease it. Is this meant to be like this? Also, there are no voltages to edit, am i not allow to do this on nvidia control panel. Despite i do all my overclocking on the bios, how is it nvidia control panel doesn't have the voltages or multiplier available for me to edit? I have all the bios updates and motherboard updates and all the possible ones out. I'm just asking is nvidia control panel meant to be like this, the perofrmance section which limits how you can overclock or under clock the processor.
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  1. For overclock you CPU, you need AMD overdrive ( ), not nVidia control panel, this is for GPU.

    Or overclok you CPU from the BIOS.
  2. Yes, nVida have a control panel called performance, i believe to you. I have the same control panel for my GTX260, but how i said up, this control panel is for overclock you GPU not the CPU.
  3. so how is it there is an option for the cpu and motherboard. You go on it and you can increase the fsb, but only decrese the multiplier. I can tell that it has worked because i load up cpu-zand it tells me clock my cpu is running at. But thinking how there is an option for voltages and that my cpu is a black edition so i can raise the multiplier over 14, it doesn't let me edit those options or show the current voltages. Althogh as i said for multiplier it lets me decrese it bellow my current cpu multiplier.
  4. see it's like this but i get the multiplier option.
    When you say it's not for overclocking do you mean that it's not good enough because it doesn't have all the functions? Also the gpu section doesn't have voltages. Is that meant to be so, or is that meant to be there.
  5. ^Correct, for a good overclock is better that you use AMD overdrive 'cause your processor is an AMD. nVidia makes good GPU, but isn't makes CPU. I use performance (not always) for oveclock my GPU, but never for overclock my CPU.
  6. that doesn't mean that the actual motherboard is a bad overclocker? Not with the Bios? Also, is overclocking with the bios actually safer than doing it on windows? i thought by doing it on windows it means that you can change it quicker; without waiting for the cpu to load up and then finding you want to change the voltages before it gets buggered up.
  7. Overcloking with windows (AMD Overdrive) is more fast, 'cause you said, you don't wait till the system boot again. You have a good mobo for O.C., but you are overcloking with the incorrect tools.

    Overclok in the BIOS or windows is the same danger if you don't know how to do correctly, read the article that i post up for a good idea that how overclock your CPU surely.
  8. obviously i cannot use amd overdrive because i don't have an amd board. So unfortuynately you can't recommend t to me. I can't buy a new motherboard either mine is fairly new.
  9. but then, i'm not really a heavy or moderate overclocker, in my bios it's really quite nice to use and has all of the settings available for me to overclock to it's best. Nvidia performance essentially shows me my cpu specifications would you say in more detail, but i don't get it how it could at least show me the voltage settings? To be honest i think overclocking a processor on its stock volts makes sense really if you want to get better power for it to match a more expensive processor. Such ass i have my phenom ii 720 at 3.2ghz. Overclocking it and overvolting it doesn't make sense for me i might as well get a better processor and overclock it on its stock volts again. I heard that overvolting it decreases the life expectancy of the cpu as well, is that not true but is that very insignificant? like overclocking it on stock volts is? Although i have overclocked my phenom ii 720 to 3.5 ghz as a one off try, it was stable but the temperatures were high, i'd only overclock that far if i wanted to show of completing an application in as little time as possible.
    Dpes intel do better with nforce? Or is that also limitted in the nvidia performance section? Does intel chipset motherboards actually have any in windows overclocking programs? Do they have any official intel software used for overclocking in wondows? But then that wouldn't work on an nforce i'm guessing that nforce is both equal for amd and intel?
  10. Nashsafc said:
    obviously i cannot use amd overdrive because i don't have an amd board. So unfortuynately you can't recommend t to me. I can't buy a new motherboard either mine is fairly new.


    AMD don't make mobo only make processors. AMD overdrive can be used in any mobo, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar....

    And for the temperature, the stock speed is 2.8GHz, so, 3.5GHz with the stock heatsink isn't enough for the heat dissipation, you maybe need a high-end heatsink
  11. i use a zalman cnps 9500nt cooler. I just overclocked it to see how good my xfx 8300 geforce motherboard was for matx it proved fairly decent. Overclocked ok, i just wasn't happy with the temperatures. But i don't mind, i'm concerened with games, rather than overclocking mainly. I tend to prefer the processor itself being good enough to play a game at a high fps without having to overclock it above stock voltages.
    But then i think sometime ago i downloaded overdirve and it wouldn't install said that your motherboard does not support it. No what i mean by AMD chipset is you know what i mean. Asus motherboard have AMD chipsets or Intel chipsets. nforce motherboards dont have amd chipstes. Overdrive is only for amd chipsets like 790g or something. i have an xfx motherboard, it is exclusively nvidia. I think the only advantage of it is that it looks nice, and doesn't look like cheap quality
  12. i have 980 sli nforce m4n82 deluxe board for 3 years now, and i feel ya Nashsafc, i have Phenom II 4x 980 B.E. and i can move my HT bus up above stock, so i dont know ur issue but i have same issue with multiplier And AMD overdrive And with voltages its all blank, and in my GPU section its the same, i can increase Processor clock, mem clock and gpu clock on both my Cards, i have GTX 260 for dedicated PHYS X and a GTX 560TI 2 gig version for Main video card, but i cant increase these hardly at all due to not being able to set any voltage increase if i bump my graphics clock on my 560 ti from its stock 855 core clock past 870 its BSOD time eventually.
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