Dual Display to monitor temps

Hey everyone,

I just want to know your opinion/experience about this.

I have a 19" monitor running with a Sapphire HD4850. I have another 15" or 17" monitor laying around. I want to use the second small monitor to monitor my CPU, GPU, Motheoarb, ram... etc usage and temps using everest, rivatuner, and other applications.

So basically the 19" will run the game in full screen while the other monitor will have the applications open and reporting.

I was wondering if anyone have tried and if they have any suggestions/tips.

Thank you,
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  1. Simple enough. I run dual displays and will often have my temps and sensors up in it while gaming. I use it for lots of other things as well though.

    Just extend the desktop to the second display and put whatever you feel like on it.
  2. Thanks daedalu685. I see you are running 4890s. Which drivers are you using for your dual displays? Latest 9.6?
  3. I got home and I set up my second monitor. My clocks used to downclock automatically when I had a single monitor to 250/160. Now they are at 550/993 at idle. Could this be because of the second monitor? Is it normal? Is there a way I can bring the older idle clocks back?

    I am running a sapphire HD4850.

  4. why don't u just find a screen overlay that does that? I realize that you don't have a nvidia card but even evga precision displays frequencies, temp, and fps. try looking for that kinda software
  5. Well, I'd rather have all the monitoring apps running on a seperate monitor. I just need someone's experience regarding the current idling clocks.
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