Upgrading ASUS A7V KT133

Hello all,

I am not exactly an expert in this field so please bear with me...

I have an old computer which runs too slowly for my liking, and so I was thinking of upgrading the specs. It is very old, running an AMD Duron 800 Mhz.

I was wondering if my motherboard (VIA-KT133-<A7V>) supports something like the athlon xp 3200+? Also, where can I find a bios update? I couldn't seem to find anything on the ASUS website.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Yes the fastest socket 462 you can get is athlon xp 3200+.

    Search the asus site downloads for A7V133. The bios is there, not sure about compatibility.

    I will say this: Don't spend money on a new chip. If you can get a free one, it's worthwhile to swap, but don't buy anything. You can get a way way faster board and chip for under $70 nowadays.
  2. Found it:

    Officially, it supports a ath xp 2100+ with the latest BIOS and PCB version 1.05
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