My new 2600k OC...

So I decided to use the Asus official overclocking guide for my Sabertooth p67 and came up with this:

I'm fully stable on IBT at High settings and 8 threads and my high temp gets to 69C now. I'm starting to wonder how much further I could push this cpu at this voltage. Here's my setup in the UEFI BIOS:

BCLK - 100
Multiplier - 47
LLC - Ultra High
VCore - 1.30
VRM Frequency - 350
Phase Control - Extreme
Duty Control - Extreme

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Nice. I'd say thats about as good as your gonna get. You can try 100 or 200 more, but dont let temps pass 72.6*C. As long as your temps are good, push the vcore all you want =). Unless your watercooling i think you'll hit you temp limits before vcore limits.
  2. 72.6ºC? Oh, that must be the Tcase temp. Max safe core temps are 98ºC for Sandy Bridge. I wouldn't run it hotter than 75ºC (Prime95/IBT temps) for an everyday overclock though.

    Oh and majin -- use the Maximum setting. For stability testing on my final overclock, I use a 50-run IBT Maximum session. For my machine with 12GB of RAM, it takes roughly 7.5 hours to finish.
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