Should I overclock my laptop?

I just bought a new laptop. Not a new model, just new in box and to me. But i play video games mostly and will be watching blurays and maybe net flix movies on it too.
My Question being should I overclock this? Would there be substantial gain in games like world of warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Medal of Honor and other FPSs?
I dont want to burn it out for 5fps if thats all i would gain on overclocking it

The specs are:

Acer Aspire Ethos AS8943g-9319
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i7 740QM (1.73GHz)
Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.93GHz ( which i dont understand)
6MB L3 cache
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 dedicated card

Thanks for looking, any insight will be appreciated
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  1. I would say play the games see if you like it. If you dont you can try overclock and stress test to make sure its stable. And then play overclocked. Then make a comparison but I would recomend a laptop cooler especially if your gonna overclock on a laptop. Thats the number 1 thing I do when I overclock a laptop.
  2. The cooling on laptops is normally very poor so overclocking is not recommended and normally any options for it are locked anyway.
  3. No, you shouldn't.
  4. no. under no circumstance should you ever overclock a laptop. the cooling is nowhere near good enough to support overclocking. especially not if its by asus. the only laptops i would ever even consider overclocking are sager laptops and even then i would be skeptical. sorry for the blunt answer but it's a terrible idea.
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    You cannot OC your laptop because your BIOS does not support OC-ing. Your laptop is not design for OC sorry my friend.(Very few high-priced models are)
    Intel turbo boost ability to your processor to automatically raise CPU multiplier when needed.
  6. Even at stock speeds laptops tend to have high temps due to the poor aircooling. I would also say no.
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  8. Thank you all very much. Your responses have been very helpful
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