Msi P55 GD65 vs Gigabyte P55 UD4P

Hello i am doing an i5 build and i need to decide between Msi GD65 or
Gigabyte UD4P i would have just gone with the UD4P but i want to overclock the i5 i have to a conservative 3.2 without having to mess with voltages and stuff so thats why im wondering if i should go with the GD65 is there anyone here that has some suggestions
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  1. I vote for the Gigabyte board.

    And learn to use the BIOS for your overclock.
  2. Yea i just looked at a couple videos and articles over clocking i5 on the UD4P its a lot simpler than i thought and for all of them i don't have to increase voltages though they say it would make it more stable
  3. MSI, I got one..
    For the price the features on it beat any other board.
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