Intel QX6700 Idle 55-68c And 80-90c at 100% Load

BFG 680i (replaced the Asus commando which had similar problems)
4x1gb Corsair Dominator CM2X1024-8888C4D
Inno3D Geforce 8800GTX
4 regular sata HDD 2 DVD drives
500w Xlico PSU with 1 front 12cm intake fan and 1 rear 12cm exhaust fan
zalman cnps 9700 cpu cooler

My CPU has been overclocked, but even when it wasn’t those figures would only have been 5-10c lower, which is still probably too high. My motherboard temp average at 50-60c, SPP 55c, MCP 63c and GPU 70-79c. This is all when nothing is under load and before any tweaks were made. The CPU cooler is installed properly (I should be able to tighten it more, but the screw keeps on turning when I try to tighten so do I need to replace the top bracket or the bracket underneath mobo), the airflow is good and the ambient room temperature is 25c on average. The bios and many other programs report the same temperatures. I have replaced the thermal grease with both thin and thick applications with little change. All fans are at full speed all the time. The computer runs smoothly, but Im concerned never the less. My bios has been updated but this changed nothing. The MCP or SPP fan is attached and the 20cm case fan is working too. When turned on its side the CPU temp goes down to 47-55c and although the 20cm fan is broken, when the side panel is removed it’s 2c lower, but all other temperatures decrease only by 2-5c (so GPU is still 65c). I have photos for you to see below (if there is anything else you want me to show then ask):

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  1. well if zalman cnps 9700 cpu cooler can't take the heat. I suggest using a liquid cooling system instead. I guess you're really pushing your system to the limit judging by that amount of heat.. anyways just noticed your psu "500w Xlico PSU with 1 front 12cm intake fan and 1 rear 12cm exhaust fan" use a better psu when overclocking.
  2. better meaning similar power but more expensive (e.g antec) or better as in more powerful?
  3. i prefer PC Power & Cooling, Silencer 750EPS12V 750W but yup antec tp-750 series will do the trick. i meant more expensive and more powerful = more reliable. Besides your pushing your psu to the limit with only 500 watts to power your gaming build. not to mention the serious overclocking your doing.
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