Watercooling kit.

Iv been considdering watercooling my i5 750 and ref 6950 shader unlocked & overclocked without volt increase.

What im wondering is if a EK-KIT H3O - Supreme LT 240 kit would be able to cool it, it only has a single 240 rad. id also be getting a EK-FC6970 block for the gpu.

The reason im not currently considdering a 360 rad is that theres no way for me to mount one internaly in my antec 1200 without sacrificing all my harddrive bays, and with a raid 5 thats not a option.

As long as the 240 rad can handle the heat without overclocking im good. I can always add a second 240 rad later if i decide to overclock or go for crossfire.
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  1. Yep if you won't OC this kit should be ok,you won't have the best temps and may want to get better fans
    Edit;I would suggest more rad space
  2. well, i do have 2 gt 1850's lying around from my h50 that i could use. Oh and what do you mean with rad space? a fan spacer between the rad and fans?
  3. GT's 1850 will come handy for sure ,by more RAD space as larger RAD,start with the kit and if this won't be enough you can add one more RAD on top
  4. Better fans? I thought the 2200RPM Yate Loon fans were some of the best?
  5. Leaps-from-Shadows said:
    Better fans? I thought the 2200RPM Yate Loon fans were some of the best?

    I didn't know the kit comes with YL's :(
  6. would it be worth it upgrading the kit to the HF one?
    that one costs 13% more but comes with

    EK-Supreme HF - Nickel
    EK-DCP 4.0
    EK-Multioption RES X2 - 150 Advanced

    instead of
    EK-Supreme LT - UNI
    EK-DCP 2.2 Pump
    EK-Reservoir Combo DCP 2.2.

    A better pump and cpu block but i lose the space benefit of having the pump/res combined
  7. How important is that space to you in your case? Will you be needing it later?
  8. orangejuice789 said:
    How important is that space to you in your case? Will you be needing it later?

    I have a antec 1200 with 4 hard drives in it. and if i decide to get a second 240 rad later im not sure if it would be possible to fit it internaly. with the 2.2 pump i should be able to fit on 240 rad in the rear and one under the top 220mm fan and still keep most harddrive bays.
  9. What you should do is get the Supreme HF 360 kit and an EK-UNI RAD Holder 120 to mount the radiator to the case's rear (or top) fan mount on the outside. That way you start off with a bigger radiator and better block for better cooling initially, and if you want to add a radiator later you've already got the good pump.
  10. After seeing this http://www.overclock.net/water-cooling/682915-my-antec-1200-loop-has-changed.html antec mod im sold, im going for a 320 rad as id be able to keep most drive bays. and ill be going for the 320 LT kit as my budget isnt that great.
  11. Everything is now orderd and on its way. A big Thank you to all that replied.
    Current sketch of my install plan

    Final questions
    Is there any specific order i should setup my loop in? and would destilled water + the EK-Ekoolant in the kit work well ?
  12. Order of your loop does not make much of a difference...

    You may want to just use Distilled water and a killcoil or some PT_Nuke... Plain distilled water is better than most coolants, wont clog your system with dyes, and is cheaper.
  13. Loop order doesn't matter at all.

    You really don't need any kind of 'coolant'. Distilled water and a killcoil or some PTnuke or biocide is best. If you want color, the best way is to use colored tubing. Using additives can gunk up your blocks and precipitate out at sustained, high-load temps in some cases.
  14. Ill stick to only distilled water then. I don't have access to any pure silver for now, and PTnuke isn't sold here.
  15. You can buy them on Ebay or at several watercooling online retailers for about $6. Biocide can be about anything...you just don't want algae and other things growing in your water loop. 1-2 drops is typically enough.
  16. Would some radiator antifreeze work? otherwise ill stop by the local pet store and buy some anti algae.
  17. You don't need antifreeze. You just need something to inhibit growth inside the loop.
  18. Aquarium shops sometimes carry Copper based anti-algae stuff. This is chemically the same a the PTNuke. Just don't get the stuff in powder/pellet form, you're pump won't enjoy the resin beads that carry the agent.
  19. I was thinking something in a liquid/dropper.

    Yeah...dropping tablets of stuff into your loop isn't the best of ideas.
  20. You can get it at some shops (the liquid stuff), just hard to find. You're best off going to a private store in a pinch. Those big store employees rarely know anything.
  21. Almost better off doing distilled only if you aren't sure what you are putting in there.
  22. Distilled is key, i brewed up my own for my loop, dumped in half a bottle of HYDRX which would be 1 ounce. Been running this loop for over 12 months without any temps rising, no buildup that i can see. Also using Primochill tubing which has some anti bacterial components built in.
  23. Quote:
    Iv been considdering watercooling my i5 750 and ref 6950 shader unlocked & overclocked without volt increase.

    If there's no voltage increase on either the GFX card or CPU. I'm not quire sure why you'd need 3rd party air cooling let alone water cooling. I'm running two 560 Ti's OC'd to 1000 MHz w/ no voltage increase and under OCCT's GPU test, temps don't exceed 75C.

    If It's just for the CPU, replacing the H50 w/ the Kuhler 920 should net as much as 12.5C improvement


    Stock fans
    Corsair H50 73.1
    Antec Kühler H2O 920 60.6

    Another option would be changing the fan on the H50


    Corsair H50 w/ stock fan 73.1
    Corsair w/ Delta Fan H50 68.1
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 w/ stock fan 65.9
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 w/ Delta fan 58.7
  24. Im actualy doing some heavy gpu computing and the stock 6950 fan is louder then a jetengine. If the temperatures end up beeing decent ill do some overclocking but primary goal is to make my 6950 quieter.
  25. I've run BOINC at 100% for 8+ hours on end on most weekends...my CPU/GPUs never break over 45C, and that's because my office doesn't have a lot of air movement. I played a few hours of Portal 2 the last few days each and always had my GPUs at low 40's C and my CPU at mid 40's C.

    Water is soooo nice...and even nicer when you can get cooler ambient temps... :)
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