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im really sorry if this has been asked before in a much older tread or anything like that, i didnt find much that seemed to help answer my question, which is: i have a dell xps 410 thats about 2 years old pretty soon, it currently has a ATI Radeon X1300 series graphics card in it that i chose when i made it on their website, and there are a few games coming out in the ongoing year that i know will need a better card to play smoothly, so i was wondering what is the best card that i can put in, i after some checking up i was thinking about the 9800 GT, but i dont know if it can even handle that. Can anyone please help me choose the best one to get, or if the one i was looking at is even compatible?
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  1. your PC can run the 9800GT with ease, or the ATI 4830.
    the 375w PSU you have has run the ATI 4850 for many Dell owners
  2. would it also handle the 9800GTX or 9800GTX+?
  3. I'm not sure I agree about the 9800GTX.

    Personally, based on your system, especially the PSU I would get the ATI HD4770. Anything higher I'd wait and invest in a new system. If you look at the latest graphics card comparison the power consumption for 3D gaming is far lower than any other card.

    The HD4770 will provide very nice gaming for many games. Sure, it's no Crysis killer but it'll max out Half-Life 2 and similar games. It'll run Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 very nicely when they are released.
  4. 1. Dell power supplies never state their max wattage, so the 375w is vastly understated.
    2. its been a while since I looked but the 375w has 27-30amps on its 12vrail, the exact same amps recommended for the GTS 250 (aka9800GTX+) and 4850. Both cards are run by numerous people on the same dell power supply.
    3. the 9800GTX draws less power then either card above
  5. so my motherboard is compatible too? sorry for all the questions, im just wanting to be sure before i buy it and get and incompatibility message
  6. @ Jmkratos: Yes, it's compatable but check the PSU has enough 6 pin PCI-E connectors for the card you purchase.

    @ Photonboy: My ancient 256Mb GTX7800 can max out HL2;)
  7. I have a Dell XPS 410 at work that was purchased in July of 06. I upgraded the ram and video card about a year ago. Now here is the thing, while it does come with a 375w PSU, it only has (1) 6 pin connector. In order for me to install a BFG 9800 GTX I went ahead and purchased an Antec EA 500w PSU. And from there on it ran fine. But taking in consideration that the GTX uses (2) 6 pin connectors you will not be able to run it on the stock PSU. I tried and no matter what it would automatically freeze up the pc in a matter of minutes. As far as Im concerned the GTX draws more power than the 250/4850.
  8. I Still have yet to invest in a good card, i was even looking at the upgrades on dell for compatible cards but none satisfied me there. while i am still thinking about the 2 cards that i first asked about, i had a friends tell me about the gtx260 but he also said its huge, do you know if that card will fit, if its compatible/ and where i can get a new psu so that it can accomidate the new power requirments?
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